Introducing the ultimate playful companion for your furry friend: the Crunchy Peel Banana Toy! This adorable and innovative toy combines the irresistible cuteness of a banana with an exciting twist. The plush exterior mimics the look of a real banana, but what sets it apart is its crunchy peel. As your dog or cat sinks their teeth into the toy, they'll be met with a satisfying crunch that adds an extra layer of engagement and sensory stimulation. Made with pet-friendly materials, this toy is not only fun but also safe for your beloved companion. Watch as your pet enjoys hours of entertainment, pouncing, chasing, and discovering the hidden crunch within. Get ready to go bananas with joy as your furry friend plays with this delightful Crunchy Peel Banana Toy!

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Squeaker inside & peel has crunchy material


6x2.5 inches