Introducing our colorful cat collar with a small bell, breakaway feature, and reflective design – the perfect combination of safety and style for your feline companion. This collar is designed with utmost care, providing both comfort and security for your adventurous cat. The vibrant and eye-catching colors make this collar a fashionable accessory that adds a pop of personality to your cat's appearance. The small bell not only adds a charming touch but also helps you keep track of your cat's whereabouts. The breakaway feature ensures your cat's safety by allowing the collar to release easily if it gets caught on something, reducing the risk of injury or strangulation. It provides peace of mind, knowing that your cat can explore freely without being trapped. The reflective design enhances visibility during low-light conditions, making your cat more easily visible to passing vehicles or pedestrians. This added safety feature provides an extra layer of protection, especially during outdoor adventures. With its adjustable strap, the collar offers a secure and comfortable fit for cats of different sizes. It's crafted from durable materials to withstand everyday wear and tear. Ensure your cat's safety while keeping them stylish with our colorful cat collar, featuring a small bell, breakaway mechanism, and reflective design. It's the perfect accessory to showcase your cat's individuality while prioritizing their well-being.

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-Versatile: Can be used for small dog


-Includes bell

-Breakaway safety

Size adjustable 8.46-13.58 In