Show Your Love for Mom and Dad with our Heartwarming Dog/Cat Shirt featuring 'I Love You Mom and Dad.' This adorable shirt is a heartfelt tribute to the special bond between pets and their human parents. It's a sweet way for your furry companion to express their appreciation and affection for the loving care they receive. Made with soft, quality fabric, this shirt offers both comfort and style. Let your pet proudly wear this shirt to remind everyone of the unconditional love they share with their Mom and Dad. A precious gift that will make tails wag and hearts fill with warmth.

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SizeBack LengthBreed
XS7-9"Teacup Breeds & Puppies
S9-11"Puppies, Yorkies, Chihauhua, Pomeranian
M11-13"Maltese, Bichon, Shihtzu, Min Pin,
L13-15"Mini Schnauzer, Jack Russell, Dachshund
XL15-17"Frenchie, Pug, Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
XXL17-19"Border Collie, Bull Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Welsh Corgi